21 October 2015

Out of Station = Out of Town?

In one of my earlier posts, I had written about Indian English. I was going through the post and found something written about Out of Station. While I referred Out of Station as an incorrect usage, I researched on the origin of this phrase and got some information which I think I should publish here.

The phrase Out of Station is not an incorrect term but where we use is important. I found the following answer on Quora:

This phrase is also obsolete - although it used to be of significance during British Rule. In pre-Independence India, the East India Company used to post its officers to particular “stations”. When they used to be out from their duty stations - the officers used to be referred to as “out of station”.


This phrase was apt in those scenarios and the usage of this term was right. And it continued from then on by anyone who went out of town or away from work. Basically, people did not try to make sense of the term. But now, this phrase should be used only in such scenarios where you are placed in a particular station.

So, Out of Station does not mean Out of Town technically. And using Out of Station when we are out of town or when on leave, away from work, and the like is incorrect.

10 September 2015

Beautiful sky

Bangalore is enjoying September rains this year and the images here are witnessing the weather change. Loved watching the nature and couldn't hold back from capturing these images through my mobile.

2 September 2015

Monsoon memories

Looks like Monsoon is gone and we are left with the memories of the monsoon. It's always colourful, mostly greenery all over and all other colours glow around those lush greenery. And wow those gardens, they dance beautifully with blooming variety of flowers for they are happy during the monsoon.

Back home, monsoon season is my favourite season, walking to school through the paddy fields, witnessing the paddy growth from ploughing the fields to harvesting. The long walk to the school was pleasant in this weather and most of the time I used to love getting wet in the rain. The gushing water from the stream throughout the walk was so soothing. Nature had so much those days and now we are left with buildings and apartments in place of paddy fields and streams which is now only a memory, sweet monsoon memories. 

Palacio Do Deao, Quepem, Goa

Well, I've been visiting Goa for quite a few years now and lot of research get into whenever I plan an outing. So from the very first visit, I had Palacio Do Deao in my wish list and every time only the distance from North Goa was stopping me from getting into this place. So this time I had planned a trip to South Goa and made it to Palacio Do Deao.

What is Palacio D0 Deao?
It's a Goan-Portugal architectural marvel built by the priest who discovered Quepem taluka in Goa. It's built so beautifully with amazing techniques of those days. It's huge and has a beautiful garden. A lovely couple Ruben and Celia has put in all their efforts in restoring this place and in letting this place for historical visits and for pre-reserved lunch. Do check my travel blog on my experience about the palace and the yummy food which was served at: https://travelsoiled.wordpress.com/2015/08/26/palacio-do-deao-goa/ 

I come with the strong recommendation about this place though it's far from what you might plan while at Goa but it's worth.